Reggae Music and the Meaning behind its Music

When you hear reggae music the first thing that pops into your mind is Bob Marley, he popularized the reggae music along with his band mates Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer in the 1960s. The term Reggae was formed in the 60s; it was derived from the phrase rege rege, a Jamaican word meaning rags and ragged clothing and it signifies the ragged style in music of the Jamaican in the early times. It is considered as a cultural bombshell not only in Jamaica but also in the whole world.

Reggae is a genre of music that took its origins from the two other most influential Jamaicans music at the time, the traditional Mento, and Ska, so as American Rhythm and Blues. Its music was originally broadcasted from the high powered stations in Florida and New Orleans and was picked up in Jamaica in the early days of radio. Rastafarian movement was considered to have an influence in the development of reggae music, as the drummer Count Ossie, a Rasta member took part in a seminal recording. Nyabingi rhythm is one of the original reggae style drumming; it was performed as practice for a meditative communal of the Rastafarian life.

With its slow and jerky rhythm combined with the spiritual and militant lyrics of its rebellious looking singers have had influenced the musical genres, societies and cultures around the world and contributed in the development of the new counterculture movements in Europe, USA and Africa. By the end of 1960, reggae music participated in the start of skinhead movement in UK; it influenced artists like Eric Clapton and the Clash in the punk rock and pop culture and gave inspiration to the rise of hip hop culture in the USA.

Reggae music is used as tool for change

As music is an important part of Jamaican’s way of life, it was used to deliver the feeling of discontentment by its people and its singer is the tool to spread their message around the world. Reggae music cut across international borders and dealt with all the aspect of humanity, its messages reaches the consciousness of many poor, illiterate and oppressed people. It was used by many as their way to express their feeling towards the way of life.

Reggae music serves as a beacon of hope for many

It shows its listeners how change can be achieved, how to enjoy life even in the face of tragedy and that hoping for the better is not far beyond. Reggae music is used in as an attacking tool in Jamaica; it shows the wrongs not only in that country but to the whole world as well.

Reggae used as a social commentary by the artist

As reggae deals with all the issue of society such as gang welfare, poverty, downpression, gang warfare, police beatings and jail time. It opens the eyes of many as it tackles the hardship of the people and the oppression they were suffering and with its messages people around the worlds are able to relate to the issue.

Reggae are used as eye opener of the Jamaican people

Reggae artist showed to their music the oppression and the suffering of Jamaican and expressed their desire to improve their life. Many of the reggae songs were indicating that change are not far behind for them and that the suffering they were suffering will change, clearly opening the eyes of many.

Reggae music was used to show the unfair lifestyle of Jamaican people in their own country so as the same with the countries around the world that was experiencing the same oppression they are with. Its main idea is to open the consciousness of people through music; it was used as a form of protest without leading its people to violence and attacking the Government by announcing to the world the injustice it was giving to the Jamaican people.

As reggae music has become so influential in the music industry, Bob Marley most influential reggae artist has become an icon in the music world and opened the gate of reggae music to many aspiring artists, people have used him as an inspiration in making good reggae music. Nowadays, you can download reggae mp3s for free and can understand its deep roots and know that behind those spiritual messages there is a deep meaning hiding in its every world.